Hammer Capella Team Edition Te1

Hammer Capella Team Edition Te1 – a thoroughbred

Describing the Hammer Capella Team EditionTe1  as a ‘thoroughbred’ in the world of sportive cycling is based upon nearly 9,000 kms of riding in the UK and continental cyclo sportives. It’s not a word I would use lightly!

I took delivery of my Hammer Capella Team Edition Te1 from Hammer Sport in January 2016 and from the very first ride I realised that this bike was no ordinary ‘sportive’ bike. Immediate impressions suggested precision in the corners, compliance for long distance comfort combined with appropriate stiffness for power transfer.

The myth of a sportive bike

It’s sometimes difficult to separate the different genre of road bikes and none more so than the sportive bike versus the road bike. So, let’s take a moment to understand what we want from a bike when riding or competing in sportives.

Most of the sportives I ride are continental and the cyclosportive scene on the continent is competitive, they are races but you can also enjoy them if you’re less competitive. For me, I need a bike that allows me to ride fast, climb well, be precise in alpine corners on descents and cope with a variety of road surface.

The majority of sportive bikes appear to adopt a priority for comfort rather than speed which may seem attractive or even appropriate at first glance due to the distances expected to be covered. However, given the diversity and quality of components and a professional bike fit, comfort is not provided by the frameset alone. I’ve often wondered at those manufacturers who produce a frameset aimed at providing comfort but sell the frameset with components that reduce any benefit – one step forward and two steps back!

For most of us we do not need tall head tubes, ultra thin seat stays and semi-shock absorption. What we need are bikes that are setup to fit us using components that provide comfort such as carbon seatposts, carbon handlebars, etc.

Hammer Capella Team Edition Te1

The Hammer Capella Team Edition Te1 frameset forms the basis of a superb road bike ideally suited to fast sportive riding in the UK or Europe.

Power Transfer

Having ridden a variety of bikes over the years my immediate impression was the ability of the frameset to deliver whatever power I could produce onto the road. Acceleration is swift and secure whether climbing or riding rolling and flat terrain.


I look for a frame that provides secure precision through corners regardless of the road surface plus the ability to dodge potholes and other obstacles immediately and safely. The Hammer Capella Team Edition Te1 has those qualities in abundance with its superb geometry and build quality.


Hammer Sport build and supply the Hammer Capella Team Edition Te1 and their approach while not unique, is quite different when compared to buying from most local bike shops. Andrew Thompson at Hammer Sport has a wealth of experience in riding continental sportives at the highest level. He uses that experience and extensive knowledge of framesets and components to ensure that when you sit on your Hammer Capella Team Edition Te1 for the first time it just fits you perfectly.

Riding long distances can be tiring but riding them on the Hammer Team Edition Te1 ensures that any effort expended is used in propulsion which all adds to the experience and ultimately comfort of the ride.

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