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    Sleep is part of your training formula

    If “Big Sport” thinks it’s important? Yes, we now have sleep coaches and big sport is turning to these sleep experts to help their elite athletes sleep deeper and longer. It’s no secret, we have [...]
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    How To Climb Faster, Climb Smarter

    I was blessed with spending some ten years living in the Swiss Alps. My Home was at the end of a typical average 7% 1000m climb from the valley floor in a small ski resort called [...]
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    How To Train Your Brain

    Tour de France 2015, penultimate stage on the final climb of the day, the ‘bus’ rides up Alpe d’Huez. It takes a particular mental approach to make that climb after almost three weeks of hard [...]
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    How To Use Motivation To Achieve Your Goal

    We all know that motivation helps us achieve our goals but do you know how to use motivation effectively? We hear phrases like, “I’m so motivated”, “I’ve lost my motivation”, “I’m just not motivated”, “I [...]

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