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Welcome to 'Sportive Cycling', my personal insight to the world of European Cyclosportives and Cyclos. Competing in these events is my passion!

Aspire - Prepare - Achieve

I believe that we can all aspire to accomplish great things, to dream of achieving what might seem to be the impossible. With appropriate preparation we can all turn our aspirations into achievements.

Within 'Sportive Cycling' you will find many reports of amazing events and the successes of people who have aspired to achieve some extraordinary cycling adventures which I hope will inspire you to achieve something great.

You will also find articles to support your preparation from training to bike maintenance to riding skills. Our writers are very experienced cyclists and coaches who have guided many people to achieve their goals. They 'practice what they preach' competing in events across the world.

Plus, along the way, you'll find reviews of bikes, components, clothing, etc.

If want to find out more about cyclosportives in Europe, here's a great start - Cyclosportive, UK sportive it's all the same - right?

Welcome to my Sportive Cycling!

Jez Meades

Palmares: Jez Meades ~ Sportive Cycling

I have been cycling for more than 23 years. During that time I  have relished a challenge. My first challenge was back in 1994 when I completed the London to Brighton Ride.


Since then I have ridden numerous Audax events including all the recognised distances up to 600 kms and beyond with rides in UK's prestigous London-Edinburgh-London Audax (1,400 kms) in 1997 and 2001. I also achieved Super Randoneur status and took part in Paris-Brest-Paris but had to withdraw due to heat stroke.

Time Trials

I've raced time trials at distances 10 miles, 25 miles, 50, miles, 100 miles plus a 24-hour time trial (Mersey Roads 24) when I posted 367 miles.


In 2014 I started looking for another set of challenges and a good friend of mine suggested European Cyclosportives and a new passion was found. I've raced in France and Belgium.


Wind forward to my 2018 European season racing in my age category I achieved:

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