The Wysam 333 – a celebration of grass-roots cycling

The Wysam 333 is more than a ride – it’s a  celebration of grass-roots cycling. It is the only endurance cycle ride in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and includes 3 challenges for cyclists riding road bikes and one challenge for cyclists riding e-bikes. The Challenges 333-kilometres, 4,200 metres This is the most difficult and […]

The Basque Gateway To The Pyrenees

With the grueling Swiss Wysam 333 on my calendar in June, I was hungry to get some distance in the legs with some serious but not overly taxing climbing in a week block. Xavier of Bike Basque had invited me to help him with a tour in the heart of the Basque country and I […]

Sleep is part of your training formula

If “Big Sport” thinks it’s important? Yes, we now have sleep coaches and big sport is turning to these sleep experts to help their elite athletes sleep deeper and longer. It’s no secret, we have always known that a good night’s sleep is beneficial. However, perhaps its importance in the training equation has in the […]

How To Climb Faster, Climb Smarter

I was blessed with spending some ten years living in the Swiss Alps. My Home was at the end of a typical average 7% 1000m climb from the valley floor in a small ski resort called Les Masses perched high above the Rhone valley in the Val d’Herens. In the winter I would spend hours on […]

How To Create Goals For A Successful Season

The good news is that we are well practiced at setting goals, in fact, our lives are run by the goals we set every day. These goals give us direction and purpose and motivate us to strive to improve our current positions. We set goals and sub-goals concerning every aspect of our lives often without even […]


The 80:20 rule – the secret of better training

When I started racing cross-country in Switzerland, I thought that chasing a faster rider would help me catch the pack quickly. My nemeses was a guy called Marcus. My training replicated my racing, it was all top end just like I was chasing an imaginary Marcus. Of course, I couldn’t catch him and as the […]

Revolve24 2017 at Brands Hatch

Brands Hatch Is For Cars? No – It’s For Revolve24!

We would all like to know how far we could ride in one 24-hour period, but how and when? Where could we have the best opportunity to make the most of those iconic hours? Answer: Revolve24! Why did Revolve 24 appeal? I love the occasional mega ride and the idea of riding on the Brands […]