Cycling nutrition - fact or myth

Top 10 Cycling Nutrition Facts Or Myths

I’m Pav Bryan of Direct Power Coaching and I’ve picked my top ten most misunderstood cycling nutrition “facts” below and give you the low-down on what the truth actually is! The theory of nutrition can be a bit daunting and when you combine this with an array of pseudo-science laid across the internet, it becomes […]

Good sources of Omega-3's and unsaturated fats

Nutrition: Be Your Own Nutritionist…

In my coaching philosophy, training is only accountable for around 15% of the gains you will see in cycling. Mentality, another subject entirely, accounts for around 50%, with nutrition making up the other 35%. Even if I’m out fractionally you can see that all your hard work training is worth far less than the time […]


The Pros and Cons of a High ‘Healthy’ Fat Diet Among Cyclists…

Another nutritional topic which is a complete disaster to try to figure out on your own. Many research papers and results pointing in opposite directions, with some very confusing but well-founded theories on what is best practise. Here’s my take on it in a Q&A style format, based on questions I’ve been asked about this […]

How to Tell the Difference Between a Real and Fad Diet

How to Tell the Difference Between a Real and Fad Diet…

It’s a mine field out there! Many diets offering many promises, so how do you tell which diet will work and which one will not? Here’s my checklist that should help you sort the good ones from the bad! Promises of quick gains Firstly, the old saying ‘if it sounds too good to be true […]

Ultimate Busy-Persons Guide to Nutrition

The Ultimate Busy-Persons Guide to Nutrition…

You get up early, too early to make a nutritious breakfast, perhaps too early to even make any breakfast at home so you get something on the way or even skip the meal entirely. Sound like you? You work far enough from home to not make the commute back from the office, perhaps there’s no […]

Nutrition and hydration - how to fuel for performance

How to Fuel for Performance…

Nutrition and hydration for training, both on and off the bike, can seem like a dark art. But the truth is, cyclists can get caught up on the detail without truly nailing the basics. When we’re in heavy training, good nutrition and hydration isn’t just important in the saddle. We’re in recovery mode for much of […]

Nutrition and Hydration - Ultimate Ride Fuel Guide

Ultimate Ride Fuel Guide…

Welcome! This guide should help anyone who is looking to get the most from their rides or training and isn’t sure how to fuel or hydrate for it. For more resources just like this, including recipes, weight management guides and much more take a look at our Nutritionally Fit programme! Hydration You should ensure you are […]

Nutrition and Hydration - How to Eat

How to Eat…

How we eat is a very important part of our understanding of nutrition and how it will enhance our performance. During frequent discussions with clients the following questions seem to be raised repeatedly, so I thought my responses might also help you too. I’ve also included some strategies that will help you benefit the most […]