Your ‘A’ event is getting closer – now is the time to panic or not!

It’s always the same with my ‘A’ event – every year – nothing changes and it’s the same for everyone but we, each of us, deal with this issue in quite different ways. ‘A’ Event panic! What am I talking about? I’m talking about the onset of panic about my training with just a few […]

Sleep is part of your training formula

If “Big Sport” thinks it’s important? Yes, we now have sleep coaches and big sport is turning to these sleep experts to help their elite athletes sleep deeper and longer. It’s no secret, we have always known that a good night’s sleep is beneficial. However, perhaps its importance in the training equation has in the […]

How To Climb Faster, Climb Smarter

I was blessed with spending some ten years living in the Swiss Alps. My Home was at the end of a typical average 7% 1000m climb from the valley floor in a small ski resort called Les Masses perched high above the Rhone valley in the Val d’Herens. In the winter I would spend hours on […]

How To Train Your Brain

Tour de France 2015, penultimate stage on the final climb of the day, the ‘bus’ rides up Alpe d’Huez. It takes a particular mental approach to make that climb after almost three weeks of hard racing. It’s not just the physical preparation that these professional riders have undergone to get themselves to this point. It’s […]

How To Use Motivation To Achieve Your Goal

We all know that motivation helps us achieve our goals but do you know how to use motivation effectively? We hear phrases like, “I’m so motivated”, “I’ve lost my motivation”, “I’m just not motivated”, “I need to be motivated so I can achieve” and, of course, many more. What is motivation? A UK dictionary defines […]

How To Create Goals For A Successful Season

The good news is that we are well practiced at setting goals, in fact, our lives are run by the goals we set every day. These goals give us direction and purpose and motivate us to strive to improve our current positions. We set goals and sub-goals concerning every aspect of our lives often without even […]

Zwift Custom Workouts

How to create a Zwift workout from a GPX file

I discovered how to create a Zwift workout from a GPX file when a Club Ride was postponed due to extreme weather conditions. What a revelation! I use Zwift a lot for high quality training based on power. However, sometimes, you need something a little different in your Zwift experience. The Zwift workout Standard workouts […]

Finding balance between work, family life and training

Training, Work, Family Life – How To Find Balance Between Them

Work, family and life are three very important factors that might come ahead of training in your list of priorities. Of course, if you are a professional cyclist then you’ve jumped one at least. If you’re not, how to you get this right, especially if you have a busy job, partner and children plus other […]