2017 sportrive and cyclosportive review of the year

Our Top 5 Sportives And Cyclosportives In 2017

Selecting our top 5 sportives and cyclosportives in 2017 would always be an impossible task when there were so many high quality events to choose from. So in the absence of any selection based on criteria we’ve unashamedly chosen our favourite events!   Our 2017 season was mainly in France and Belgium so it should […]

Liege-Bastogne-Liege Challenge

Cyclosportive, UK sportive it’s all the same – right?

A cyclosportive is not like a UK sportive – it’s a race! That can be a shock to a UK rider venturing abroad this summer looking for a sportive experience. So, choose carefully and understand the differences. A couple of years ago I took part in a cyclosportive, Cimes du Lac d’Annecy by Challenge Cyclo […]

Go faster with less effort? How?

It’s almost counter-intuitive, right? How can you go faster with less effort? Is it really possible? The evidence so far is leading me to think ….

When was your last bike fit?

How frequently should you have a bike fit? Only when you get a new bike? At the beginning of your competitive season? During the off-season? Not at all?! In this article we discuss the who, what and when … oh, and the why!

Climbing the Alpe

It’s late August, goals achieved – so what’s next?

At this time of year most of us have met our goals and have either succeeded or had to change direction as life throws its curve balls at us. For whatever reason we find ourselves with good fitness and strength but where can we find our next challenge?

It’s getting hot out there!

While my thoughts include sunny holidays cycling through Europe, the warm weather is approaching the UK and the temperature is climbing . All very pleasant and great if you’re prepared. So, what should you look out for?

How do I choose my first sportive?

Maybe you’re thinking about riding a sportive but are not sure where to start. This short article will help make that all important decision about your first sportive – which one!