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Everyone is welcome to join our Strava Club, 'Friends of Sportive Cycling'.

'Sportive Cycling' informs cyclists riding European cyclosportives and we're keen to help riders achieve their goals every season. We practice what we preach and ride events throughout Europe. In this web site you'll find ride reports, articles on preparation including nutrition advice, training tips, skills, bike maintenance and the achievements of others just like you!

We believe that we can all aspire to accomplish great things, to dream of achieving what might seem to be the impossible. With appropriate preparation we can all turn our aspirations into achievements.

Our 'Friends of Sportive Cycling' Club is an opportunity to record your training and events helping to encourage each other to complete greater challenges and turn those aspirations, through preparation into your achievements.

So far this week Friends of Sportive Cycling have completed ...

Aspire ~ Prepare ~ Achieve!

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