Training, coaching, riding skills - all terms that mean different things to different athletes depending upon their goals, fitness and experience. I used to believe that all these things were somehow separate from each other but experience has taught me that each is a part of a whole and to truly achieve our potential we need to create a lifestyle that will prepare us for the challenges we set ourselves.

A lifestyle suggests an all encompassing focus and to a certain extent it is. For many though, there are additional pressures on our time, our ability to commit and our goals. In fact, most of us would find it impossible to enact all the advice that is available to ensure our success as cyclists.

Some of you will only have a few hours each week to devote to your sport, others have longer but let's not just consider training as the focus of improvement. Let's consider other things as well such as nutrition, hydration, bike maintenance, riding skills, mental approach, training plans and using a coach.

So, here is a selection of a few articles that might help you achieve your goals. Plus, links to focussed categories of Training, Nutrition and Riding Sportives and a series of articles by Andrew Thompson who has spent many years racing cyclosportives in Europe - well worth a read.

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How To Train Your Brain
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How To Create Goals For A Successful Season
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Training, Work, Family Life – How To Find Balance Between Them
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You'll find a wide variety of articles in this category from training to nutrition to bike preparation to riding skills. All are designed to help you get the most out of your cyclosportive.


Nutrition and hydration are often considered in the context of an event but rarely while training. It's vital to successful training sessions that you are properly fueled and hydrated.


Are looking for something specific about training? We have many articles explaining training techniques, what to do and how to do it. Plus, insights to why training is important to your success.

Riding Skills

Do you practice riding skills or do you just ride your bike and expect that will be enough? Riding skills are essential for your safety and speed in a cyclosportive and deserve your attention alongside training and nutrition.