Autumn Winter Clothing Review Jerseys

Autumn/Winter Clothing Review: Jerseys

Here is the first in our clothing review focussing on Autumn/Winter clothing. This review is all about jerseys from Shutt Velo Rapide, Owayo and Spokesman Clothing. Generally, reviewers gave a ‘thumbs-up’ for the jerseys on test which confirms the massive improvements in quality and design of this important item over previous years.

Who tested and reviewed the jerseys?

Cyclists, just like you and me. Experienced cyclists belonging to cycling clubs riding a variety of terrain in a variety of weather conditions. They rode in the clothing, washed and dried it and rode it again … and again, and again (plus, more washing of course). Their findings are based upon a number of key areas important to cyclists. They are not technical people, it was all about the clothing, the weather and the riding.

What did we look for in our clothing review?

We weren’t interested in the technical aspects of the garments. If the technical aspects work then the garments are going to be worn successfully so we felt other things were more important to us as cyclists. It’s no good having the latest innovative, technical garment if it doesn’t do what was expected. So, we focussed on:

  • Quality of construction;
  • Quality of materials;
  • Visual design;
  • Comfort and cut;
  • Comfort and cut while riding.

Plus, we allowed for any additional relevant comments.

What did our reviewers say?

Shutt Velo Rapide – Long Sleeved Jersey

Quality of construction: Very well made. Back pocket zip and front zip worked well. The front zip performed without difficulty when extra ventilation needed.

Quality of materials used: Feels comfortable next to skin. Stitching discrete. High Merino wool content worked well during CX rides. Washed well at 30C.

Visual design: Blue grey with Shutt colour branding presented a classic design – stylish.

Comfort and fit: Very comfortable, feels warm. Pockets accessible and zipped pocket ideal for small items especially coffee money!

Comfort and cut whilst riding: Very good, no chafing.

Other comments: I want one!

Owayo – Long Sleeved CL5 Pro Jersey

Owayo CL5 LS Pro JerseyQuality of construction: Very well made.

Quality of materials used: The R-Tex 3 100% polyester material was especially good at moisture wicking although retained slight dampness under a rain-proof jacket. However, it quickly dried once the jacket removed.

Visual design: Attractive design. Zipped pocket within one of the rear pockets was a nice surprise and ideal for keeping important items safe.

Comfort and fit: Very comfortable with an athletic fit. Owayo CL2 Long Sleeve Jersey is less expensive but not as close fitting with its more generous cut.

Comfort and cut whilst riding: Very good, felt very comfortable to wear. Pockets easily accessible for snacking while riding.

Spokesman Clothing – Sportif Jersey

Spokesman Clothing Sportif JerseyQuality of construction: Very well made with lots of designed features to support those longer rides.

Quality of materials used: Uses high density, water resistant stretch polyester capable of resisting a shower. Good quality zips that work well when riding. Full length front zip for varying ventilation. Comfortable cuffs and neck closure. Washes well, easy to dry.

Visual design: Attractive design with discrete reflective strips. Three rear external pockets plus a zipped pocket. Second zipped pocket at front – ideal for change. Also three internal pockets. Good protective drop back design at rear.

Comfort and fit: Very comfortable with brushed finish internal surface. Athletic cut but also accommodating of base layers without feeling movement is restricted.

Comfort and cut whilst riding: Front zip is easy to adjust for additional ventilation. External rear pockets are easy to access including zipped pocket. Pockets are spacious. Internal pockets available for extra supplies on those really long rides.

Other comments: Ideal garment in temperatures up to about 15C. In temperatures of less than 10C, a good base layer, maybe long-sleeved would be an excellent combination. I’d be pleased to have this in my kit bag!

For more information:

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