Our Essential Guide And Review Of Autumn/Winter Clothing

Our essential guide and review of Autumn/Winter clothing has been keen to discover if the adage, "There's no such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing" was actually true! During the coming weeks we will tell you what we found out. Most of it is good but some, and we could be a bit harsh here, was not quite so good.

For those of us who have been cycling for a number of years in all sorts of conditions we have noticed an amazing advancement in materials used in cycle clothing together with some amazing innovation. There is so much effort that goes into providing a quality product so we were careful to invite suppliers who had demonstrated that care and effort we all come to expect.

Which products will we review?

Our suppliers provided a whole range of different products for us to test. So, in the coming weeks our testing and reviews will include jerseys, bib tights, jackets and other products.

Who tested and reviewed the products?

Cyclists, just like you and me. Experienced cyclists belonging to cycling clubs riding a variety of terrain in a variety of weather conditions. They rode in the clothing, washed and dried it and rode it again ... and again, and again (plus, more washing of course). Their findings are based upon a number of key areas important to cyclists. They are not technical people, it was all about the clothing, the weather and the riding.

What did we look for?

We weren't interested in the technical aspects of the garments. If the technical aspects work then the garments are going to be worn successfully so we felt other things were more important to us as cyclists. It's no good having the latest innovative, technical garment if it doesn't do what was expected. So, we focussed on:

  • Quality of construction;
  • Quality of materials;
  • Visual design;
  • Comfort and cut;
  • Comfort and cut while riding.

Plus, we allowed for any additional relevant comments.

Who were the suppliers?

All our suppliers were amazingly enthusiastic about our review and tremendously supportive. We are very grateful to them.

Spokesman Clothing

Shutt Velo Rapide


What's next?

During the next four weeks our reviews will be published so you can make an informed choice about the clothing we have tested. Keep in touch through social media or bookmark Sportive Cycling Magazine for the latest news and reviews.

Next Week

Autumn/Winter Clothing Review: Jerseys

The following week

Autumn/Winter Clothing Review: Bib Tights/Shorts

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