Fulcrum Racing Zero C17 LG Wheelset

In an unprecedented pre-release, Hammer Sport have received the new Fulcrum Racing Zero C17 LG wheelset for evaluation and we can report, in a worldwide exclusive, on this fantastic new wheelset due to be released later this year!

Fulcrum Wheelsets have set the gold standard

For years, Fulcrum have set the gold standard among high-level aluminum road bike wheels and now, with this new wheelset, they have set the bar even higher. Fulcrum have long been the choice for Hammer Sport, the UK’s premier continental sportive team and club, and for good reason.

Front wheel of Fulcrum 2017 wheelsetFulcrum wheels have an unmistakable character that everybody knows well due to their absolute ability to transmit your energy onto the asphalt.

Their extreme riding precision provides confidence over a wide variety of terrain – they’re ideally suited to sportive racing and cyclosportives. Race after race, ride after ride, Zero wheels have become synonymous with excellence, quality, performance, reliability… and victory!

Their extraordinary performance and high impact aesthetics make these road bike wheels the point of reference for cyclists.

Have Fulcrum perfected the perfect wheelset?

This season, riders are taking advantage of the new generation of wider tyre sizes and the first thing to note is that this new wheelset now features a wider C17 rim profile to take full advantage of the performance benefits of these tyres.

Available in both a clincher only version in addition to a 2-Way Fit™ version, the new Racing Zero C17 LG was designed specifically to increase compatibility with 25 mm and 28 mm. This new rim/tyre interface proves to be more aerodynamic when compared to the same size tyres mated to a C15 rim. In fact, the new C17 also allows for a more surefooted grip on the road in addition to increased comfort while increasing rigidity and thus reactivity at the same time thanks to its wider stance and optimized material usage.

Optimised USB Ceramic Bearings

Rear hub of Fulcrum Zero 2017 WheelsetBoth versions of the new Fulcrum Racing Zero C17 LG will continue to use extra smooth USB ceramic bearings to make them as efficient as possible. To optimize weight savings while considering structural and performance necessities that change with the individual roles of the two wheels, the hubs for this newly designed wheel continue to be differentiated between front and rear.

The 16 aerodynamic anodized  aluminum spokes on the front wheel are laced radially while the 21 spokes of the rear wheel are grouped in the familiar Fulcrum 2:1 ratio, famous not only for its fantastic performance but also for its innovative design. A new adjusting lock ring with micro-setting has trickled down to this new C17 version from the Racing Speed family, further highlighting the Racing Zero’s status as a top tier race wheel.

Rear wheel of Fulcrum Zero 2017 WheelsetRelatively lightweight wheelset

The outgoing 2016 version of Fulcrum Zero, with its standard rim width has a manufacturer’s published weight of 1,435 grams, but the weight published for this new wheelset is 1,475 and this pre-release standard wheelset is spot on at 1,475 grams. The 2-way tubeless ready version is stated to be just 1,485 grams. Very competitive weights for the gold standard in aluminum wheels, and a small price to pay for the enhanced ride benefits.

The keen-eyed will also notice subtle changes to the decals for the 2017 version and hub flanges now in a very cool shiny metallic anthracite finish, which will look incredible in any bike!

This is an uncompromising wheelset ideally suited to racing sportives on the continent where high performance is essential to fast times and they’re not out of place in the UK for those wanting the very best from their wheelset.

Wheelset Specification

TYRE TYPE: clincher/tubeless

TYRE WIDTH: from 23 mm to 32 mm

WEIGHT: 1475 g (2WF 1485 g)


RIM MATERIAL: Aluminum, triple milling


RIM HEIGHT: front: 25 mm – rear: 30 mm

RIM WIDTH: 23.0 00, ETRTO 17C


BRAKING SURFACE: Aluminium braking surface, turned



SPOKES: Front 16, Rear 21 (2:1 ratio)



NIPPLES: Aluminum

FRONT HUB: Carbon, Aluminum flanges

REAR HUB: Aluminum, Aluminum oversize flange

BEARINGS USB: ceramic bearings, adjustable Cup & Cones bearing system

OTHER: Plasma treated HG freewheel. Aluminum Axle

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