Lezyne Super GPS Cycle Computer

The Lezyne Super GPS cycle computer is one of the best cycle computers available today – in my opinion! I’ve used Garmin, Bryton and Cateye cycle computers over the years but the Super GPS beats them all.

OK, let me back up a bit!

I ride sportives in the UK and cyclosportives in Europe. I’m a competitive soul so ‘numbers’ are important to me when riding events especially my heart rate, average speed, gradient, speed, ascent and so on. The Lezyne Super GPS gives me that information and more.

Lezyne Super GPS cycle computer battery life

A big plus is battery life – 22+ hours per charge! That is amazing when compared to many other makes and models. Le Tour du Mont Blanc required a long battery life and although I was in the saddle for 9+ hours my Super GPS did not use half the battery available to it. Considering our route through the Alps and the need to search for GPS satellites that was incredible.


This is becoming increasingly important especially for those engaged in long-distance and endurance events. The Super GPS connects via ANT+ and Bluetooth. My iPhone runs the Lezyne Ally v2 app which connects seamlessly at the start of every ride. Using the online Lezyne GPS Root web site I can create routes which download to my phone and then feeds turn-by-turn instructions to the Super GPS screen. Plus, I get notifications on the Super GPS screen for texts, messages via WhatsApp, Instagram, etc..

I don’t measure power but the Super GPS will connect to your power unit via ANT+ or Bluetooth. I use a Garmin HR monitor and that connected easily and works 100%.

The numbers bit

Data on-screen is important to my riding events. Heart rate, average heart rate, speed and average speed are listed on my first data screen. The second screen contains gradient, time, time riding, etc. In fact there is so much data possible to display that you can easily customise your data screens to suit your needs. Plus, there are other screens for laps, breadcrumb trail of the route you’re riding and a ‘home’ screen containing basic information such as time, battery life, phone’s battery life, GPS connectivity.


Hopefully, I’m not tempting fate but so far so good. Connectivity is simple and reliable. Battery life is superb. Data accuracy seems good especially ascent figures which compare with other makes probably due to its in-built barometer.

If you would like more information about this excellent cycle computer, there is a lot of detail in our catalogue at http://www.sportivecycling.uk/product/lezyne-enhanced-super-gps-cycle-computer-y11

Top tip!

You will find the Lezyne Enhanced Super GPS cycle computer for sale as part of bundles, separately and with a wide variety of prices – why? There is an older version, perfectly good but it is the previous version which is still being sold. The latest version is know as Y11 and the older version is Y10. Make sure you get the Y11 version!

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A cyclist for 25+ years specialising in endurance events Jez has completed two London-Edinburgh-London 1400 kms Audax, time-trials at 10, 25, 50, 100 miles and 24-hours. Successfully completed Tour du Mont Blanc in 2017 as part of a 'Duo' team in 16 hr 39 mins (330 kms, 8,700+ m) plus various continental cyclosportives in France and Belgium.
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