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Training Plan vs Coaching?

A training plan or a coach – which is going to give you best value?

There are many training plans available online, some free and some can be bought but are they better than using a coach to improve your performance?

I know that a training plan is just one of the tools that a coach will use to help you improve but how often do you see the ‘Eight Week Plan To Fitness’ or ’12 Week Plan To Complete a 100-mile Sportive’? In my view, all too often!

Training Plan

A Training Plan is a schedule of work to complete in order to achieve a goal if it is provided by a coach. However, many training plans available are not designed for you personally or focussed on what you need to achieve. In fact, without a discussion with a coach you may not realise what your goals ought to be. The result is that you have a training plan that is not focussed but will be useful to improve general fitness.

During the last 25 years I’ve followed a whole variety of training plans to help me with endurance when I rode Audax and speed when I time-trialled. They helped me ‘achieve’ a 24 minute 10-mile TT at a race weight of 82 kgs – that my fastest result. Just hold that thought for a moment.


Every coach is different but I found one that focusses on the demands of cyclosportives which are quite different from UK sportives and the substantial improvements in my fitness are self-evident.

And now?

My current weight is 74 kgs (not 82 kgs) and I can now produce 3 w/kg as a sustained effort in my ‘sweetspot’ on Alpine climbs. I know I am much fitter and stronger than I was 11 years ago – I wish I had been able to measure power back in those days for a more objective comparison.

Base training and why it’s important – miles mean smiles!

My advice

Don’t spend money on training plans and don’t bother with the freebie plans – find a coach to suit your objectives. If you’re interested in riding sportives in the UK or Europe and need a coach, email and I’ll point you in the right direction.

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A cyclist for 25+ years specialising in endurance events Jez has completed two London-Edinburgh-London 1400 kms Audax, time-trials at 10, 25, 50, 100 miles and 24-hours. Successfully completed Tour du Mont Blanc in 2017 as part of a 'Duo' team in 16 hr 39 mins (330 kms, 8,700+ m) plus various continental cyclosportives in France and Belgium.
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